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Anonymous: Cause you know how the fireballs heal so you could activate instinct go into a combo and the do a level 4 battery ender than follow it up with a shadow fireball or 2 shadow fire balls that's going to regen a lot of health and I don't think that's breakable under the new rules I'm still a bit confused on that but it can't be cause if it was like that spinal wouldn't be able to curse good anymore Only time we'll tell how things work out I have hope

Yea that instinct is gonna be really good. I’m starting to understand what Adam Heart meant by “Bottle up your tears so you can drink them later when you find out how scary your new stuff actually is” because, if regaining almost a third of your health in one combo isn’t scary then idk what is

Anonymous: Jago isn't really getting nerfed the only real nerfs are the heavy wind kick is punishable and the shadow wind kick has smaller range and you could say that the manual changes nerfed him but Adam aka the keits said that and I agree with him on this that the manuals with jago were way to random and hard to break this is going to make it a lot more fair for the whole cast jago is still going to be really good and his new instinct is honestly better than his old one it gives you more tools

Yea, I was taking about the wind kick changes. As a primary Jago player, I’ll admit H. wind kick was a bit too good for what it was. I’ve already addressed his instinct and manual changes so yea

Anonymous: D,Q,Z?

D: Favorite Soundtrack?
A tie between Killer Instinct 2013 and Metal Gear Rising

Q: Any Guilty Pleasure Games?
Tbh, no I don’t really have guilty pleasures for anything really

Z: Game character you most associate with?
No one really


A:  Favorite Game of all time?
B:  Favorite Series of all time?
C:  Least Favorite Game of all time?
D:  Favorite Soundtrack?
E:  Favorite Sequel?
F:  Biggest Let down?
G:  What're you currently playing?
H:  Favorite local multiplayer game?
I:  Favorite Online multiplayer game?
J:  Favorite system?
K:  Game you're most looking forward to?
L:  Favorite Licensed title?
M:  Favorite Game of last year?
N:  Favorite protagonist?
O:  Favorite antagonist?
P:  Favorite Genre?
Q:  Any Guilty Pleasure Games?
R:  Most underrated game?
S:  Most overrated game?
T:  Best game memory?
U:  Favorite Handheld title?
V:  First game you remember playing?
W:  Any games you regret getting rid of?
X:  What you'd like to change about your favorite franchise?
Y:  What game would you want your child to play first?
Z:  Game character you most associate with?

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