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Game Review: Titanfall

So this game has been getting a lot of praise and is been called ” The CoD killer”. Is Titanfall really that good? Lets find out!

Plot: There really isn’t much of a story here and even after playing both campaigns I really couldn’t tell you what exactly is going on. This Group called the IMC is (I guess) Trying to spread their army and this rag-tag group doesnt like that for some reason and they engage in war. Hear how stupid that sounds, thats how bad the “Multiplayer Campaign” is. What I mean is the Campaign is essentially regular mutiplayer games except with scripted maps and game modes for each mission. The only bits of story are told via voiceover during a mission or while waiting for the next game to start up. I like the idea of a Multiplayer campaign but here its a train wreck. But I feel it to be unfair if I count it against a game because I personally never done that with any other FPS game and I wont start here.

Presentation: The game looks great. The envoirments are somewhat diverse and are pleasing to look at. And on the Xbox One it runs at (say it with me) 60 FRAMES PER SECOND (insert epic echo) and that always enhances the experience for me. A bit of triva: The game runs on a heavily modified version of the Source engine, the engine used for games like Team Fortress and Half Life. The sounds of the guns are average and the music add just the right feeling to the battle. I would comment on the voice acting but there isn’t much to say about it. Now lets see what makes Titanfall so good.

Gameplay: Titanfall is Multiplayer FPS that is online-dependent, while that does kinda suck but the multiplayer is the only thing thats good. It has the classic game modes like Attrition, or Team deathmatch, Hardpoint, or capture the control points, and Free For All. There are some unique game modes like Last Titan Standing, everyone starts in a Titan and gets one life (I’ll get into the titans later). So there are a lot of variation, however I can personally just play Attrition the whole time I’m playing. Something I can just gush about is how easy it is to move around the map. You can double jump so the game has a lot of verticality. There is an easy to learn Wall running mechanic, what makes it awesome is, say I wall ran across a long wall, if I jump off, I’ll be propelled forward ridiculously fast, that’s, again, an easy way to move across the map. One of the most controversial mechanics is that the game is only 6v6 and to make up for this, there are a bunch of AI players which are so fucking stupid, but for balance, you get like a 5th of XP you would if you actually killed a player. I personally don’t mind the brain dead AI because it makes me feel like I’m actually good at the game. The “perk” mechanic is called “burn cards” except you can hold about 25 “cards” and all have varying effects and only last one life. They include replacing you primary with a stronger version of another weapon, double XP, and the AI enemies ignoring you and things of that nature. Also you can only have 3 equipped at a given time and you use one by going in the pause menu and selecting it. Now lets get into the titans. Unlike something like CoD, The titans are not kill streak rewards, theres a count down and when  it hits 0 you can commence a Titanfall. Doing things like getting kills or just hit markers in general will decrease the time you have to wait for your titan. The initial countdown is about 4 minuets and after your first titan is about 2 minutes.The titans control almost exactly to the actual players except they cant jump, instead they have a dash. Titans have a Primary, a special ability and an ordnance (explosive). In a fight between a human and a titan isn’t completely ine sided because every human has a Primary, secondary and an Anti-titan weapon so the humans can actually do damage to them. Humans can also ride the Titans, open it’s weak spot and shoot it, mechanics like this really balance the titans. Personally, I like the titans, they’re fun to use but not invincible. One thing I question is that is the game worth $60. And to be honest, no it isn’t. There isn’t that much content to justify the price so that’s where the game sorta drops the ball.

Verdict: 7/10 Good. Titanfall doesn’t revolutionize the FPS genre but it does give a fresh take on it. That’s all from me, Like and reblog if you enjoyed and want to see more? Follow for more reviews and such. Anywho I’m the Games blog and game on!